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  1. Steve says:

    Ha! Good one E, this shows what happens when you question the “one” and the media feigns outrage. This issue is more than this film (which came out in late July) it was a coordinated attack by Al Qeada. This was a failure by O’blamo, just like Bush failing to heed or even go to the daily intel meetings prior to 9/11/01, O’blamo failed to attend any in the days leading up to this incident, read what even a WaPo journalist says:


    Looks like you just banned “ericissokawaii” Thanks for deleting my comment though. Is your position that untenable that it can’t stand up to debate?

  3. victor says:

    On a slightly more civil note, I think your character posing and cartooning in this cartoon is some of the best work you’ve ever done. Worthy of MAD Magazine at its best!

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